Bulk Tank Monitoring Solutions

Rack and Pinion Gear System Being Lubricated

KW Oil is a full-service provider of computerized Tank Monitoring solutions for Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks. We can deliver UL listed bulk oil tanks to your site, providing increased capacity for all of your operations. Check fluid levels across all your sites with real-time data feeds to improve efficiency and never run out of the lubricants you need. When you run low, we’ll schedule a time to refill your bulk oil tanks right on-site.

Tank Monitoring Solutions Streamline Replenishment and Inventory Control

KW Oil provides a secure computerized monitoring service so you receive timely tank level data for all your tanks regardless of their location. Our computerized tank monitoring system ensures that you will never run out of product. The state-of-the-art monitoring systems automatically feed usage data to our computer system and notify us when you are running low. Then, we schedule a delivery and fill you back up to capacity, eliminating any lubricant related down-time! Whatever your tank monitoring needs, KW Oil can provide the service and support you need to ensure worry-free, cost-effective inventory management solutions.

Tank Monitoring Systems Improve your Workflow and Distribution Strategy

Our bunk tank monitoring systems provide real-time visibility to help you eliminate shortages and emergency deliveries. They also can help you avoid the costly mistake of over-servicing tanks. Capture the tank data you need to plan a smarter distribution strategy. We can monitor usage history over time to forecast refills and detect potential theft or leakage issues. You can move more product with fewer stops, whether it’s one tank or a thousand tanks, which is better for your drivers, your product, and your customers. By streamlining your operation, you can become more profitable using smart computerized technology.

Your Success is Our Success

KW Oil has been proud to deliver real-time bulk oil monitoring solutions to customers for years. We are Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin’s largest supplier of lubricants, fuels, motor oils, and related products. KW Oil is the dependable, experienced business you can trust to assist with your needs. So, please contact us regarding your tank monitoring needs.

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