Chem Tech Services, Inc.

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KW Oil is proud to be a supplier of Chem Tech products for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We are the largest supplier of lubricants, motor oils, fuels, and related petroleum products from a diverse array of reputable brands. Additionally, KW Oil services industries such as car dealerships, commercial fleets, and the local aviation industry. We also service the industrial and agricultural markets. 

About Chem Tech Services, Inc. 

In 1980, Chem Tech Services, Inc. was founded in Levelland, Texas. They have been providing oilfield chemical solutions to professionals in the oil and gas industry with a high standard of technical expertise coupled with unparalleled service for customers. Also, they are committed to lowering customer’s total operating costs while also maintaining a high standard of both safety and integrity. Chem Tech credits its success and innovation to the Permian Basin and its employees. Their employees undergo extensive training to align with their mission of building a company on the pillars of integrity, character, and family values. Chem Tech has become one of the largest independently-operated oil and gas chemical companies in the Permian Basin. They have plans to continue their track record of growth, so KW Oil is proud to offer their products.

Chem Tech Products 

The company offers an array of high-quality products for oil and gas companies. The uses include asset integrity, flow assurance, hydraulic fracturing, saltwater disposal, and more. They include:

  • Asphaltene Control 
  • Corrosion Inhibitors 
  • Emulsion Breakers 
  • Friction Reducers 
  • Scale Inhibitors 
  • Surfactants 

Receive a Consultation from KW Oil 

As a Chem Tech distributor, our team can help you find the best product for you and your business. Let our experts guide you in choosing the best product to help you lower your total operating costs. If your business is located in Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, we would be happy to visit your operation and assist you! Contact us to learn more or sign up for our newsletter below to learn about industry-related news. 

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