Oil-Dri® Industrial and Automotive Absorbents

Oil Dri Industrial and Automotive Absorbents from KW Oil for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

KW Oil is a proud supplier of Oil-Dri® absorbent products for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Oil Dri is a nationally trusted and recognized brand of absorbent products for industrial, automotive and everyday applications.

Oil Dri Industrial & Automotive Product Lines

We offer Oil Dri granular absorbents, which absorb oil, grease, acid, paint, ink, water and other liquids. These popular products are either course, fine, or cellulose, and can reduce slipping accidents in your warehouse, garage, or facility. Plus, they keep your floors clean and dry, and prevent flash oil fires. We also provide everyday synthetic sorbent solutions such as polypropylene pads and rolls. These products are designed to handle all of your sorbent maintenance needs.

Absorption Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation is a main reason why we supply Oil Dri products; it is a cornerstone of their brand. They employ an impressive research and development program that has resulted in many revolutionary products. Since 2012, they have invested more than $13 million into new product development.

Plus, Oil Dri has been a sustainably-conscious company for decades, long before the country enacted environmental regulations. Their long-established efforts limit their carbon footprint by conserving the use of natural resources, efficiently using non-renewable minerals and land reclamation.

About Oil Dri

Oil-Dri® began in 1941 with a goal to provide products that would improve workplace safety. Since then, they have become a worldwide leader in sorbent products, and the largest manufacturer of floor absorbent in the world. They remain a family-controlled and family-operated organization that emphasizes honesty, integrity and accountability. So, KW Oil is proud to supply their products.

Special Consulting Services from KW Oil

Are you not sure which Oil Dri products would be the best choice for certain applications? KW Oil’s expert consultants can help you identify which solutions are ideal for you, or if there are other products that would be a better fit. Please contact us to start! Our helpful service representatives would be happy to help address your needs.

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