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KW Oil is proud to be a supplier of ValvTect products for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We are the largest supplier of lubricants, motor oils, fuels, and related petroleum products in our services area, offering a diverse array of reputable brands. ValvTect is one of the largest suppliers of fuel additives that improve fuel quality and engine performance for fuel distributors, large fleets, engine manufacturers, and refiners. They also produce high-performance diesel, high-performance winterized diesel, and heating oil. 

About ValvTect

In 1984, Gerald Nessenson conceptualized ValvTect after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented initiatives to remove lead in gasoline. In 1987, ValvTect became a lead substitute for gasoline distributors nationwide that later evolved for marine engine use. Currently, their products are sold to millions of consumers. They are constantly innovating and meeting the evolving demand for fuel. ValvTect is certified by nearly 100 distributors including KW Oil and is marketed in more than 40 states.

ValvTect Products

Unlike other fuel additives, additives from ValvTect include detergents, corrosion inhibitors, octane improvers, and other chemicals. For example, their gasoline additive XP+ optimizes fuel economy, stability, and inhibits corrosion. Additionally, ValvTect’s diesel additive stabilizes fuel and extends the shelf life up to 2 years or longer while improving thermal stability. Plus, they also offer tank maintenance products that prevent bacteria growth. It kills all types of microbiological contamination in distillate fuels and diesel. Their products include: 

  • BioGuard
  • BioGuard Plus 6
  • Kathon
  • Fuel Dri
  • And more!

Receive a Consultation from KW Oil 

As a ValveTect distributor, our team can help you find the best products for your business. Let our experts help you choose the best products to help you lower your total operating costs. If your business is in Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, we would be happy to visit your operation and assist you in person! Contact us to learn more or sign up for our newsletter below to learn about industry-related news.

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