Quaker Industrial Oil and Lubricant Supplier

Quaker Industrial Oils and Lubricants From KW Oil an Industrial Lubricant Supplier in Illinois and Wisconsin

KW Oil is proud to be an industrial lubricant supplier of Quaker industrial oils and lubricants for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Quaker’s range of high quality specialty industrial lubricants provide significant advantages for our customers. Quaker products extend machine service life, reduce equipment failures and unscheduled shutdowns, and provide optimal performance in high and low temperatures.

Extend Equipment Life with Quaker Industrial Oils and Lubricants

Backed by more than 100 years of ingenuity and innovation, Quaker is trusted to protect equipment life. As a Quaker industrial lubricant supplier, we offer products that enhance equipment reliability and increase profitability. Our customers enjoy using Quaker products because they help prevent premature wear and lubricant contamination. If you conduct business in Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, our expert team would be happy to visit your business and help determine which Quaker products would be the best fit for your operation. To begin extending your oil and equipment life, please contact us!

Special Consulting Services from KW Oil

The KW Oil sales and service team has thorough knowledge of several different kinds of lubricants, industrial oils, and their applications. Our expert consultants can help you identify if Quaker oil would be ideal for your equipment, or if there are other products and solutions that would work better for your specific applications. Please contact us if you’d like our help determining which Quaker products would be best for you.

About Quaker Oil

Quaker has been a leading American manufacturer of industrial oils and lubricants since 1918. Quaker manufactures process fluids to support a variety of metal stocks and machining processes. Located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, they have a global presence in 21 countries. We’re proud to partner with Quaker because we both mutually work hard to benefit our customers, communities and climate. Please contact us to request a quote now!

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