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KW Oil customers love taking great care of their equipment, so lubricant and oil analysis is a very important service that we provide as the largest supplier of motor oils and lubricants in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Oil analysis is a routine activity for studying the health and contamination of a machine’s oil. It helps extend the life of our customers’ equipment, reducing damage and preventing costly failures. We partner with Mobil Serv to deliver full-service oil analysis on your Mobil™-branded lubricants, verifying that a lubricated machine is operating according to expectations. If an issue is identified, the dedicated KW Oil services team takes immediate action to determine the cause, recommend an action plan, and even provide on-site support.

Why is Oil Analysis Important?

Schedule routine oil analysis services from KW Oil to provide an added layer of protection against equipment failure, which can lead to long-term savings in money and downtime. With our lubricant and oil analysis, we not only understand the condition of the oil, but also discover the condition of the machine from which the oil was taken from. Every machine deteriorates over time, and all lubricants eventually lose effectiveness; that’s why active monitoring and lubricant analysis services are so important to prolong the life of your equipment, protecting against machine wear and failure.

Oil and Lubricant Analysis Can Determine:

  • Fluid Properties – Determine oil’s current state to define its remaining useful life. Answer questions such as:
    • What oil is the correct oil to use?
    • What oil additives should I be using?
    • Is the expected grade and viscosity of the oil accurate?
    • What is my oil’s remaining useful life?
  • Contamination – Detect if your oil contains harmful contaminants and narrow down where the contamination is originating from. Answer questions such as:
    • Is my oil clean?
    • What is the source of my oil contamination?
    • Is there internal leakage contaminating my oil?
  • Wear Debris – Discover the presence of particles produced as a result of mechanical wear, corrosion, or degradation. Answer questions such as:
    • Is wear debris contaminating my oil?
    • Where is my machine wear coming from?
    • Is my machine deteriorating abnormally?
    • How severe is my machine wear?

How Do I Get Started?

Consistent, ongoing testing and oil analysis is critical for ensuring optimal equipment operation by understanding trends over time. This provides information that a single test simply cannot detect. Tracking these trends can help operators determine if they have problems with their equipment or need to switch to a new product. Falling off an inconsistent schedule or providing inconsistent samples can compromise test results. So, getting started on a consistent schedule is important.

Although oil analysis programs might all seem the same, there are clear differences. The KW Oil services team partners with Mobil Serv to deliver a full spectrum of analytics on your Mobil™-branded lubricants, which no other program can provide. Through patented processes, Mobil Serv is a leader in oil analysis technology and works with KW Oil to provide you with reliable predictive information, recommended action steps, and on-site support. Contact Us to discuss your lubricant and oil analysis needs today!

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