How Lubricants Impact Environmental Sustainability

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The Environmental Impact of Lubricants

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. The lubricant industry is very important to sustainability efforts because lubricants reduce friction, and thus, energy use. In a report on lubricant sustainability in late 2018, the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL) noted that 30 percent of global energy production is lost to friction, wear, and corrosion. Furthermore, lubricants also increase the lifetime of equipment, thus reducing the demand for steel and other raw materials. Proper lubrication minimized wear, reduces power loss, and maintains machinery efficiency; making lubricants an important factor in environmental sustainability.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

We take environmental responsibility seriously, and we support environmental protection and sustainability. Our actions and operations focus on increasing the efficiency of energy and resources in two key aspects:


Our environmental footprint is the impact we make to constantly improve our operating efficiency, while reducing our consumption of energy and resources.


Our environmental handprint is based on the action we take to support our customers to achieve their sustainability goals by providing solutions and services that teach sustainability best practices.

Our Lubricant Sustainability Policy

We take a holistic approach to enhance sustainability in our industry, which is based on the ExxonMobil sustainability strategy. We’re not only focused on operating our business in an environmentally-responsible way; our industrial lubricants and services are designed to help you do the same. Primary focus points include:

  • Following product-management best practices.
  • Addressing potential public health and safety risks.
  • Reducing environmental impact in the manufacture, delivery, use, and disposal of our products.
  • Ensuring optimal product efficiency, longevity, and value to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and costs.
  • Extending equipment life to maximize equipment lifespan and operational up-time, helping to decrease equipment maintenance, disposal, and replacement.
  • Enforcing high ethical standards and legal compliance in all aspects of our business.
  • Promoting economic and social development by supporting local businesses, communities, and organizations, ensuring that our company has a positive influence on people and local communities.

Helping Others with their Environmental Impact

We would love to help you achieve your lubricant sustainability goals through resource and energy conservation, better equipment operating efficiency, reduction of waste, and other measures. If you have any questions regarding our commitment to sustainability and responsibility, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.