COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

Dear Valued Customer:

KW Oil and the Kelley Williamson Co. share your concerns regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it is having on individuals’ health, welfare and businesses. Now, more than ever, our top priority is to do our very best to protect the safety and well-being of our staff and our customers.

We are making every effort to maintain standard operating hours and deliveries. However, in order to adhere to CDC and government recommendations surrounding social distancing, KW Oil will be temporarily modifying our signature policy for delivered products. Although historically, we have required those of you receiving deliveries to “sign off” confirming receipt of your order, until we are assured that it is safe to return to our standard procedures, our driver will ask for the person’s name receiving goods and will then write in the name on their behalf. It is our sincere hope that this will reduce the potential for spreading the virus as we minimize the need to share pens and tablets which have been established to transmit the virus from person to person.

Additionally, while we are committed to doing everything possible to maintain delivery schedules to serve you, please understand that there may be times in which the spread of COVID-19 causes us to reduce our delivery frequency or alter schedules.

Please know that we are also following all recommended safety protocols with our warehouse and office staff, handling as much business as possible via telephone, email and internet.

As this is a rapidly developing and changing situation, we are committed to keeping you informed of any changes that may impact our business with you. We are thankful for your support of KW Oil and the Kelley Williamson Company. May we all continue to band together to return operations to normal.


David Beto

Lubricant Sales Manager

KW Oil