The Benefits and Value of Aerospace and Aviation Oil Analysis

aerospace aircraft aviation oil analysis

What is Aviation and Aerospace Oil Analysis?

Aerospace and aviation oil analysis from KW Oil is a cost-effective service that you can trust for preventative aircraft maintenance. Our expert team carefully examines the health and contamination of your oil and lubricants to help enhance your aviation maintenance practices, extending the life of your aircraft and preventing costly repairs. Routine oil analysis from KW Oil provides you with advance warning of possible engine failure and improved confidence in the health of your engine. With our helpful oil analysis services, you can compare the effectiveness of different oil brands and monitor system deterioration. If an issue is identified, the dedicated KW Oil services team takes immediate action to determine the cause, give recommendations, and even provide on-site support.

Why Aviation Oil Analysis is Important

Our aviation and aerospace oil analysis program helps you save time and money by maintaining ideal engine performance, productivity, and reliability. Our program helps you determine the following conditions:

Determine Aerospace Fluid Properties

First, we evaluate several oil conditions such as viscosity, acidity, and dilution to determine its health and remaining useful life. From there, we can define which oils are the correct oils to use for your specific application. We see if the expected oil grade and conditions are accurate, and determine which oil additives to recommend.

Indicate Oil Contaminants and Additives

Next, we determine the concentration of additives and contaminants in the oil, such as metal content, silicon content, and phosphorus. With this data, we can identify oil contamination sources and if there is internal leakage contaminating your oil.

Identify Wear Debris

Then, we can discover the presence of particles produced as a result of mechanical wear, corrosion, or degradation. We identify the source of the contaminant and the amount of metal wear in the engine. Given this information, we can see how severe your machine wear is, and if it is deteriorating abnormally.

Unlocking the Value of Aircraft Oil Analysis

Like a person getting their blood tested at a hospital, KW Oil’s aviation oil analysis services monitor the health and ailments of your aircraft. From there, we gather crucial information that can help increase productivity and longevity, improve durability, reduce downtime, and decrease lubricant consumption. Our analysis team then draws conclusions from this data and provides you with precise feedback and detailed, actionable recommendations that can lead to cost savings and peace of mind.

Remember: consistent, ongoing aircraft oil testing and analysis is critical for ensuring optimal aircraft health. With scheduled aviation oil analysis, our testing team can measure trends over time that a single test cannot detect. Monitoring these trends helps us recognize equipment issues to extend the life of your equipment and preventing costly repairs.

Contact a representative to see how KW Oil can enhance your aviation maintenance practices with aerospace and aviation oil analysis services.