KW Oil specializes in offering high-quality oils and lubricants for a wide variety of applications. Our products are energy efficient and conform to the strictest quality standards to keep your equipment running smoothly. We source top-quality products from the most trusted brands to provide a wide range of solutions for you. We even employ helpful experts that have specific, in-depth knowledge of your products and applications to answer any questions you may have. Click on the application below for more specific product information:


Extend and enhance the lifetime and reliability of your equipment with KW Oil industrial lubricants. Designed to protect against tough environments and usage conditions, our industrial applications reduce leaks, spills, and downtime, ultimately helping to make your equipment more productive, efficient, and profitable. Shop KW Oil’s industrial applications today.

Commercial and Agricultural

Maximize the lifetime and productivity of your commercial and agricultural vehicles with our selection of lubricants, designed for small trucks to heavy-duty large hauls. Our inventory includes engine oils, transmission fluids, greases, hydraulic oils, and coolants needed to keep your vehicle safe and efficient. Browse KW Oil’s commercial vehicle applications now.

Passenger Vehicle

Improve the longevity and efficiency of your passenger vehicles with our wide selection of passenger vehicle lubricants. Our inventory includes engine oils, hydraulic oils, greases, coolants, and transmission fluids that specialize in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Learn more about our passenger vehicle applications.


Extend engine life and vessel efficiency with our selection of marine lubricants and oils. Our marine products and services enhance the efficiency of your operation and help you overcome the challenges that vessels can face to perform. Explore KW Oil’s wide range of marine applications now.


Maintaining a safe and secure aircraft is only done with the finest aviation lubricants. Our selection of high performance aviation and aerospace lubricants includes jet engine oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic fluids and greases. Discover KW Oil’s variety of aviation and aerospace applications today.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or contact us at your convenience!

Application Page Search
Product Name Application PDS/SDS
AF4028 Passenger Vehicle
AF4051 Passenger Vehicle
AF5189 Passenger Vehicle
AF5187 Passenger Vehicle
AF5185 Passenger Vehicle
AF4067 Passenger Vehicle
AF4058 Passenger Vehicle
AF4055 Passenger Vehicle
DEFENDAL HD NF ELC 50/50 Ancillary Products
DEFENDAL GLOBAL AEL Ancillary Products
CYCLONE “RED” WASH & DEGR Ancillary Products
BRAKE CLEANER Ancillary Products
BP TURBO OIL 2380 Aviation & Aerospace
BLUE DEF Commercial Vehicle
AUTO-FOAM CAR WASH Ancillary Products
ASPHALT RELEASE Ancillary Products
DELVAC 50/50 ELC Anti-Freeze Ancillary Products
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