2020 Winter Weather Sale

Diesel Guard Anti-Gel Deicer Additive and D-Thaw Sale

Don’t Freeze Your Fleet!

Midwestern winters are always tough, so protect your investment with our quality products engineered to help you overcome winter weather!

Take advantage of our Winter Weather SALE now! Request Pricing for the following items:

Anti Gel De-Icer KW Oil Treatment
  • Improves Pour Point and Cold Filter Plug Point
  • Contains Common Rail Detergent Technology
  • Prevents Icing as Low as -50°F
  • 32oz. Treats 250 Gallons
  • Lowest Treatment Cost Over Other Brands
  • 12 32oz. Jugs
D Thaw KW Oil Treatment
  • Liquefies Gelled Diesel or BioDiesel Fuel
  • Add Directly to Frozen Fuel Filters
  • De-Ices Frozen Filters and Lines
  • One Quart Treatment
  • 32oz. Treats 50 Gallons
  • 12 32oz. Jugs

Special Pricing Available Through March 31st, 2020.

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